Thursday, 8 February 2018

Being a Norland College student with a feeding tube

Author: Imi Giles, Set 40

My name is Imi and I’m a second year student at Norland College in Bath. I want to share my experience of being a higher education student with a feeding tube and the journey I have been on.

Friday, 19 January 2018

The Power of Hug

Katie Crouch, Early Years Consultant
Twitter: @crunchiekatie

Hugs and cuddles can mean so many things: a greeting, a farewell, an act of love or affection or a reassuring embrace. Hugging and cuddling our children is one of life’s pleasures which can often diminish in occurrences as the child gets older. As humans, we can instinctively reach out to those who are hurt or distressed to give them a hug and an emotionally sensitive hug can be an important part of social bonding. Hugging can bring joy and a sense of calm to both people involved in the hug and, of course, it is extremely difficult to give a hug without receiving a hug in return.